NAME: Brendan Lampela

AGE: 15

YEAR: Sophomore

TEAM: Two Harbors boys soccer


STATISTICS: Had 52 saves in the first two games of the season for the Agates.

What is one of your most memorable moments as an athlete?

My first varsity game last year. We were playing Superior and the starting goalie had to go out and I was sent in. It was raining and I did well enough to start as goalie for the rest of the season.

What is your favorite activity or hobby outside of sports?

I like to do origami and I also play percussion in the high school band.

What is your dream job and why?

Some sort of engineering job, because I like to make things and try to create a solution to problems.

Coach says:

"Brendan has been the backbone of the team for the start of our season," Two Harbors Coach Kyle Chalupsky said. "He has made some unbelievable saves while keeping a great attitude even when we are down. He directs the players respectfully and keeps a positive attitude with everyone."

Brendan Lampela's favorites

Pro team: Minnesota United FC

Movie: "Avengers"

TV Show: "Hyperdrive"

Book: "Steelheart"

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Song: "Train"

Band/Musician: Brick+Mortar

Pregame meal: Cheese ravioli

Class/subject: Metals/welding