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Team Osbakken's schedule at nationals

Team Osbakken's schedule at the 2015 USA Curling Junior National Championships, Devil's Lake, N.D., Jan. 17-24

Sunday, Jan. 18

12 p.m. vs. Team Runing (S5)

8 p.m. vs. Team Bear (S1)

Monday, Jan. 19

12 p.m. vs. Cousins (S3)

8 p.m. vs. Christensen (S5)

Tuesday, Jan. 20

2 p.m. vs. Persinger (S4)

Wednesday, Jan. 21

8 a.m. vs. Farrell (S2)

4 p.m. vs. Calcutt (S3)

Thursday, Jan. 22 

8 a.m. vs. Lindgren (S1)

4 p.m. vs. Schroeder (S2) 

View the full schedule here. Some of the games will be live streamed online. You can watch them here. The News-Chronicle has requested a schedule of the live streamed games and will update this page when that information becomes available.