A proposed single-track dirt bike trail off the Alger Grade snowmobile trail parking lot was approved for a conditional use permit by the Lake County Planning Commission on Monday, Jan. 27.

"I've been on the planning commission for 10 years, and I think that was the only time we've gotten an ovation," said Lake County Board Chair Rich Sve at the Lake County Board meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 28. "They were all clapping at the end when it passed."

The single-track trail would run 9.5 miles. It was flagged out this fall by a Duluth group of dirt bike enthusiasts. Support for the trail came in the form of letters, emails and in-person from dirt bike enthusiasts from as far away as Fargo and the Twin Cities said land commissioner Nate Eide.

"It was a packed room last night," Eide said. "And there was overwhelming support. There was a huge desire to have this trail on the North Shore."

Eide said work on the trail will likely begin this year, as it doesn't involve much besides "clearing away the branches and letting them ride."

"That's the way they like it," Eide said. "It's a very low-cost trail because they're looking for that ridgy, fairly rocky terrain. They like the low-speed technical riding."