With temperatures in the high 40s and low 50s Friday afternoon, many people flocked to the North Shore to enjoy the thunderous waterfalls at Gooseberry Falls State Park.

Due to spring melt and runoff, the water was high and rushing rapidly over the middle and lower falls at the state park. Other than after a heavy summer rain, the spring may be the best time to see the falls rushing at full force.

Even though some of the trails and rocks were still ice-covered around the park, that didn't stop people from enjoying and taking pictures with the iconic waterfalls.

It also didn't stop Alex Babcock and Anna Pipenhagen, both of Elk River, Minn., from making an unforgettable memory. He proposed and she said yes.

"I was so nervous all the way up," Babcock said. "I was just trying to sing all the songs on the radio to distract me."

It was their fifth year anniversary, which was the excuse he used for making the trip up the North Shore to Gooseberry Falls - a place he'd never been to and a place she just loved. And did Pipenhagen have any inklings about the proposal?

"I had no idea," she said. "I'm completely shocked."