Doug Frericks of Silver Bay has been named statewide “ATV Instructor of the Year” by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

A life-long ATV rider, Frericks has a keen understanding of the ATV trails and riding opportunities around Silver Bay.

He grew up in the area, but when he returned five years ago to serve as the city’s police chief, Frericks realized quickly there wasn’t a program to teach riders about safe ATV operation. So he recruited other volunteer instructors and worked with his local DNR Enforcement Division conservation officer and regional training officer to make classes available.

Frericks leads much of the instruction during ATV safety classes and also provides his personal ATVs for use during the field-exercise portion of safety training.

In addition, he leads the snowmobile safety program in the area and has encouraged other law enforcement officers to become instructors.

DNR conservation officers work closely with the nearly 1,000 volunteer ATV safety instructors throughout the state who deliver ATV safety training certification. For details on safety courses and training, see