NAME: Trent Gomez

AGE: 15

YEAR: Freshman

Team: Two Harbors boys basketball


STATISTICS: Leads the team with 15.7 points and more than five steals per game.

What college or professional athlete inspires you and why?

Kawhi Leonard or Paul George. I just love that they play defense.

What is one of your most memorable moments as an athlete?

Probably going to the state championship game with my eighth grade team. Even though we lost, it was still a lot of fun.

What is your favorite activity or hobby outside of sports?

I like hiking and going to state and national parks. I love the views you get when you finish the hike.

What is your dream job and why?

I don't really know yet, but science has been super fun, so I'm leaning toward something like chemical engineering. There's a little bit of math involved and I'm decent at that. My teacher (Mark Schlangen) plays a big role in how much I like science.

Coach says:

"Trent's all-around play has been terrific. He's good on the defensive end, he's good on the offensive end," Two Harbors Coach Bill Anderson said. "He's our point guard and our floor general out there. He's also a gym rat, he's the first one here in the morning and the last one to leave. He's a new player this year and the kids just acclimated to him right away because of his easy-going manner."

Trent Gomez's favorites

Pro athlete: Kawhi Leonard

Pro team: Minnesota Timberwolves

College team: Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs

Movie: "Rocky"

Book: "The Maze Runner"

Author: James Dashner

Pregame meal/snack: Cliff Bar

Class/Subject: Science