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Curling club hosts inaugural open bonspiel

Event A Winners (from left) Mike O’Leary, Norma O’Leary, Kay Libby and Mike Granke of Duluth Curling Club and Two Harbors Curling Club. (Submitted photo) 1 / 4
Event B Winners (from left) Doug Cameron, Dean Birman, Jeff Heikila and Glen Novak of the Duluth Curling Club. (Submitted photo)2 / 4
Event C Winners (from left) Erin Bradshaw, Scott Mullen, John Bradshaw and Jim Bradshaw of the Superior Curling Club. (Submitted photo)3 / 4
Event D Winners (from left) Don Sitter, Gary Fabini, Dave Mount and Steve Josephson of the Two Harbors Curling Club. (Submitted photo)4 / 4

The Two Harbors Curling Club hosted the inaugural North Shore Open Bonspiel Dec. 9-11.

Twenty teams (80 total guests) from seven clubs across Minnesota and Wisconsin came together for a fun weekend in Two Harbors. The bonspiel was designed to highlight the quality of the ice as well as the communities, values and business of the North Shore. To do this, the curling club partnered with 25 businesses and organizations from Duluth to Finland who helped support this event.

The mission of the 501(c)3 non-profit club is to provide recreational and competitive opportunities in the sport of curling at the local, regional, national and international levels. To facilitate this, the club hosts local, state and national events, holds open houses and community education events and fosters the development of the youth through participation in the Lake Superior School District curriculum and the junior curling program. These events are all funded through dues, donations from the community and money raised from bonspiels, providing cost free opportunities to the community. Two Harbors Curling Club members live along the North Shore from Finland to Duluth.

Congratulations are due to Team O'Leary (A Event Winners), Team Cameron (B Event Winners), Team Bradshaw (C Event Winners) and Team Fabini (D Event Winners). The curling club would like to thank everyone who participated, and to all the community partners who made the weekend a huge success.