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Letter: Jones deserves praise for lending help

This letter is to publicly thank Janelle Jones, who went above and beyond to exhibit a wonderful degree of caring for someone she didn't know. She represents the best of your town.

Our relatives were recently on a camping vacation in Superior National Forest when one of the youngsters fell. They rushed their child to Lake View Hospital to check out his injuries. I found out when my sister-in-law called from central Iowa and asked me how to get there by air. She was upset, as she had received a text message from here daughter, but hadn't' been able to reach her by phone and didn't know the extent of the injuries.

We live in Minneapolis. I didn't know, but I knew how I could find out. As a former Chamber of Commerce executive, I knew to call the Two Harbors Chamber. Janelle answered the phone. When I explained the situation, she offered to go to the hospital, check out the situation and then call me back. Janelle went over, spoke with my niece and assured her that she was there to help. I was able to relay the message to my sister-in-law and she was relieved.

Our young great-nephew was shaken up, but not badly hurt, but when you are far from home, it is always nice to see a friendly face and know there is someone who cares. Your community is blessed to have a leader like Janelle who went out of her way to be that person to a young mom and her child.

Thank you, Janelle.


Kathy Fiscus