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Letter: Jesus said to ‘Love your (global) neighbor’

Prompted by reading the "On Faith" column in the Lake County News-Chronicle (June 15, "How does God view war?,” I must respond.

The first four paragraphs we can review with all our senses alive with the tragedies described. However, next, my faith teaches different lessons from his, as you may compare:

  1. As Americans, e.g. Buddhist, Jews, Muslims and Christians, we have not tried "everything else.”
  2. Following our faiths, there is no "just war" as we count so blindly. The killed ones are civilian even more than military.
  3. War is not necessary or a help for peace; peacemaking is led my supplying water, feeding the hungry, educating, supporting families, visiting the prisons.
  4. How can we measure "proportional" by counting the killed "enemies" over the killed "us?” We are a global family.
  5. Forgiveness. This is how we can give redeeming opportunities for how we can give love to the "enemy.” When Jesus was about to be killed, he did not enlist violence but prayed, "Forgive them for they know not what they do.” This leads my faith.

Even before Jesus' quotes in scripture, we have received two commandments: "Stay in love with God" and "Love your (global) neighbor as yourself.”

We as families need to be an example and teach that never is violence the way to choose to show anger; there is a better way. We have not used the God-given resources we have to be caregivers.

Yes, God weeps and we weep.

Joanne Church

Two Harbors