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Letter: Deferred assessments 'a nefarious insanity'

Deferred assessment procedure is a nefarious insanity. The deferers will cause others to pay the monies. It's called a budget. Otherwise, many deferrals leave underfunded projects.

Are those of us who picked up the slack going to get our money back? When have you ever seen that?

The city should not become a bank. Remember the housing debacle. People deferring will pay interest on interest after the first year. Are they going to have a balloon payment at the end of the 15-year assessment period? If the assessment can't be paid over 15 years, how will it be paid at the end of 15 years?

How can the city act as a bank if it doesn't have any money? That's why the city says it needs the stormwater utility fee, in addition to the 5 percent hike in water rates Jan. 1, 2018, in addition to taxes/assessments since 1908, in addition to the city sales tax and the increase they will lobby for this summer.

Will a house bought in Two Harbors only be the house? Then, you can pay a utility fee every month for the land the house sits on. It's being done in other parts of the country already.

Regulatory costs have soared. National estimates show that, on average, regulations imposed by government account for nearly 25 percent of the final price of a home. Thus, making homeownership less attainable.

The city councilors should have to pay the highest commercial rate for their water, sewer and stormwater rates so they would understand the consequences of their actions.

Donna Gangestad

Two Harbors