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Letter: List omitted accomplished cross-country team

To the editor,

First of all, in the interest of full disclosure, the opinion I am about to express is very biased since I have two kids on the cross-country team.

I read with interest in the Dec. 29 News-Chronicle the "Top 5 Sports Stories of 2017" and was disappointed that this year's North Shore Storm cross-country team did not make the list. It may have happened at some point in the history of Agate sports that both the boys and girls teams made it to state in the same sport in the same year, but at the very least it has been a long time.

Our runners worked incredibly hard to get to state, and they made it not just because they had a couple really good runners, but because they had such strong fourth-, fifth- and sixth-place runners and incredible team spirit. In fact, the state-qualifying meet this year was one of the most heart-stopping sports events I have been to in a long time.

Both teams did us proud at the state meet and the boys team came in fifth — pretty darn good in my book.

Hats off to the North Shore Storm cross-country team!

Mark Gordon

Two Harbors