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Letter: Lake County more than just Two Harbors

To the editor:

I read with interest the Nov. 10 article about the new executive director of the Lake County Ambulance Service (LCAS).

The article indicated that Mr. Bruestle "wanted to get the organization involved in safety and education around the county." That was the last time that there was any mention of the rest of Lake County, i.e., Beaver Bay, Silver Bay, Finland, Isabella and the surrounding areas.

I am not sure if the article was intentionally written skewed to the county seat by Mr. Malcomb, or if Mr. Bruestle has not yet been familiarized with the northern half of the county, to the Silver Bay Hall, or to the community members who make up a significant portion of Lake County. Hopefully, the northern half of the county will not be left out as initiatives, policies and programs are discussed, changed or initiated by the the new executive director and board.

Remember, Mr. Malcomb and Mr. Bruestle: Lake County extends beyond Two Harbors' city limits and LCAS serves over 10,000 people.

Wendy Johnson

Silver Bay