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Letter: USFS environmental impact statement is essential

In response to the Oct. 13 Lake County News-Chronicle guest commentary, regarding sulfide-ore copper mining prospects, I would like to comment on the issue of environmental impact on the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

I was fortunate to have lived in Ely and raised five children there. As they grew up, they and their friends canoed and fished in the lakes of the area. I often asked if I could canoe with them sometime... the answer was always "sure mom, one of these days we can arrange that." Of course "one of these days" didn't happen, so I bought my own canoe, and did my own adventures in the Boundary Waters with friends.

The Boundary Waters area is priceless. The water is so clean and clear, you can dip a cup in the water and drink it as you canoe, and drink it without worrying about contamination.

The wildlife also drinks the water — moose, deer, bears, foxes and other little critters. There are also loons, ducks and cranes that find their fish dinners there in these remarkable waterways.

It is essential that the U.S. Forest Service conduct an environmental impact statement (EIS). The Lake County Board of Commissioners resolution opposing the U.S. Forest Service from doing their job is ridiculous.

The Lake County Board should educate themselves on what the real impact of copper mining would have on the Boundary Waters.

I strongly support the ongoing environmental review, and I oppose the Lake County resolution.