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Letter to the Editor: Traffic in Two Harbors worse than Twin Cities

Traffic is backed up through Two Harbors during a busy weekend in August. (Photo by Jan Swart)

Driving in the Twin Cities for over 50 years I have experienced a lot of traffic problems — some from road construction, some from "normal" rush hours. Somewhat frustrating but it's expected and part of living in the Cities. When we bought our cabin in Castle Danger 15 years ago I did not expect traffic to be worse than my Minneapolis experiences.

Last Saturday evening, Sept. 30, my wife and I were driving into Duluth to see the Bulldogs play. Cars were backed up 1/2 mile north of Betty's Pies. It took us almost 45 minutes to get to the other side of Two Harbors. Heading back home late Sunday morning we experienced another delay — this time 25 minutes. It appears that the programming of the traffic lights in town do not take into consideration higher weekend traffic volumes.

As I see it this causes two problems — a negative perception of Two Harbors from people going up north and, on a personal level, I will do my shopping on weekends up the shore and avoid the businesses in Two Harbors.

Two Harbors is a great town with good restaurants, shopping (including a spice shop), the lighthouse and of course Castle Danger Brewery. I would love to see people experience the town and get to know it as we have. I know with today's technology, the traffic light situation can be improved.