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Letter: Big copper and Rick Nolan team unacceptable

Only someone who has taken the time to honestly consider the dark history of big copper could fully appreciate what Rick Nolan is doing.

He would be too smart to trust a daycare with the safety of any children in his family if that same daycare had anything like the checkered past of the copper industry. He wouldn't be foolish enough to set foot in a church headed by someone with a warped sense of ethics and a nasty personal history comparable to the lifeways of big copper, and yet he's fully willing to overlook the past deeds of these particular guys. They are, after all, some very wealthy and powerful guys.

The industry slogans that Rick Nolan and his confederates will faithfully recite, slogans with the catchwords science, facts, responsibility, all distract from or gloss over a critical element. A formidable problem with the multinational copper mining industry is that the very business itself is toxic.

I believe big copper always places concerns for its profits far ahead of any concerns for our country or natural areas. No miracle of science is suddenly going to change that. At best, your streams, lakes and forests will only come in at second place on their list of priorities. It costs a lot of money for the copper industry to keep millions of gallons of their toxic water from pouring into your fishery. It costs much more money to do that for hundreds of years.

Our insufficient regulations allow them certain choices. Big copper's modus operandi along with the ever present and lusty appetite for jobs and money are currently making it far easier for big copper to "ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission."