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Letter: 'Bottom' play was eye opening

Back in January the Lake County Sex Trafficking Task Force brought a play to our high school. The play was astounding. I left stunned.

Amber had decided to leave the only " family" that she had known for many years — the family who provided security of housing, food, toxic support... work. Her work had different facets — mainly encouragement and support for young female teens who were new to the business.

Now that the decision was made she was telling Detective Charlie. He just couldn't get it. To face a new world on the outside took all the courage she had, but she had always been courageous considering all she had been through. Sometimes it seemed it would just be safer/easier to retreat and hide out back in her old system.

She couldn't help Coco anymore but she just couldn't walk another gal through the ropes again. Coco was only 13.

Enter Lt. Martin, burned out, frustrated that they rarely made any headway. She struggled herself trying to work through the system she faced.

They have done this play for five years. Coco was only 11 when she started playing this part. Amber tells her "Tonight you will be a woman. Just do only what I say. Remember I will be in the room next door if you need me. Get the money first. If no money walk out. Remember your grandma needs money for her insulin. Sure you can call her later tonight."

When the Lake County Sex Trafficking Task Force offers any public event, you just might not want to miss it.

The play "Bottom" will not be offered ever again by the blank slate theatre of St. Paul. They are hoping to get rights to provide the script so other theatre groups can perform it. I wish it would be available on dvd. Maybe sometime.

Human trafficking is hideous and appalling. Don't be naïve. Be alert and learn what you can do.