This letter is in reference to the July 5 article in the News-Chronicle about Barney Lakner.

I find myself wondering how and why it is that when he was charged with a third-degree criminal sexual conduct felony for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman, he walked away with only probation and a $900 fine.

He has violated probation before was given jail time. How is it that he serves 13 months jail time for a probation violation, and no jail time at all for a felony sexual assault?

Is it a failure of our court system with the laws continuing to favor the perpetrator and requiring the woman to defend themselves in a way that causes them more fear, humiliation or trauma than what was already experienced?

Is it a lack of funding for our judicial system?

Why did the Lake County prosecutor accept a plea deal from such a repeat offender?

Why did Judge Cuzzo not take a stand against a plea deal?

What will it take for violence against women to stop?

I realize I don't have all the information, but this is a very old issue and should not even be happening in this day.