There is a story told about a beautiful lake in Northern Minnesota. Over a period of weeks, maybe even months, it lost its pristine, zesty freshness. The water that had been clear and alluring to animals and people alike, now had become covered with a green algae-like scum. There was evidence that some of the animals and people who drank from the water had become ill.

Finally, someone who had heard about the problem and knew a little about the subject came and looked the situation over. Debris that had collected after some exceeding hard rains and wind had stopped up the dam and prevented the free flow of water, not into the lake, but out of it. It had become a Dead Sea, just like the one in the Holy Land; no outlet and the water became stagnant.

The spillway was cleared and soon the lake was fresh and clear again. The flow of water both in and out was necessary to keep the water pure.

This same principle applies to you and me as human beings. Many blessings flow to all of us, but we fail to realize that most of those blessings were not meant to flow to us, but through us for the good of others around us, especially those in need.

The gospel of a couple weeks ago is an excellent example. Jesus talks about the rich man. By that we can say that he was richly blessed. A lot of life’s blessings flowed to him. He was “dressed in purple and fine linen and whofeasted sumptuously every day.”

A lot of life’s blessings flowed to him, but very few flowed through him. Life in general suggests a flowing through our bodies; we try to avoid those things that cause a buildup of plaque and clogged arteries. We have come to appreciate the concept of recycling.

There seems to be a constant flow, the flow of life that cleanses, enriches and makes things new. You and I need to allow God’s loving care and healing power to flow through us to others.

God is blessing us daily. Don’t become a place where God’s blessings become clogged and stopped. Keep things flowing. You will fell invigorated and so will those who receive God’s blessings through you."

On Faith" is a weekly column in the News-Chronicle written by area religious leaders.