Well, summer sure went fast, didn’t it?

I mean it hasn’t been that long since I was jogging down the starting gate at the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon and this evening I’ll probably spend pulling up tomatoes with my wife in our garden — we gotta be ready for that first frost.

I had a pretty good summer — I played a lot of golf; my wife and I had a great vacation to see my family in North Carolina and we managed to do it all without breaking our budget.

I didn’t break 100 on my golf card because I’m a hack — see what I did there; that’s golf lingo — and I wish I’d spent a little more time relaxing on my porch, but I can always use a little more of that.

We accomplished a lot around the house, though. We were able to start converting our sunroom into reading nook. My wife built a giant bookshelf and coffee station — I helped minimally — and this weekend we have plans for a throwback hot date.

What’s that mean?

Well, back before I started working at the paper and we were basically living on my wife’s salary and we were constantly short on money. But you know what doesn’t cost anything? Entertaining each other while sitting on furniture we can't afford and eating free cookies!

The furniture stores must’ve hated us.

Well, the one thing our nook is missing is a comfy chair to read in on those cold winter days when snow is piling up on the deck. Naturally, we need to go back and sit on some furniture to see what will make for maximum comfort this weekend.

I always look forward to fall and winter, though.

Once you turn to October, I start thinking about that Thanksgiving turkey and — this year — Mom’s Christmas ham.

I’m also excited to run out in the cold. There’s something about getting out there and running when it’s super-cold and my headphones won’t even work. When I get home and pull the ice out of my now annual winter beard, I just feel a little more accomplished when I get home.

Fall and winter are the time of year when I fall back into comfortable routines and catch up from the constant go, go, go of summer.

I’m also excited about the return, first of Oktoberfest-style beers and then good brown ales showing up at the local breweries. All of it just feels comfortable.

My life isn’t a lot less busy in the winter — I’m always on the go to some game, meeting or interview — but for some reason it feels more routine and less haphazard.

Jamey Malcomb is a reporter for the Lake County News-Chronicle and Pine Journal. He can be reached at jmalcomb@pinejournal.com or 218-879-1950 .