We have all heard the statement about how time flies by. And the older we get, the more this seems to be true. I have now read that they have scientifically proven this to be true, but of course, this is something we all knew anyway.

I have been thinking about this recently concerning my own kids. I have been a parent for over 40 years and now a grandparent four times over. When spending time with my granddaughter, I began to reflect on my time with my own kids when they were small. Of course, most of it was a blur, because in those early years, money always seemed to be tight, responsibilities were high and the drive to succeed was strong.

But the moments I do remember and treasured the most were the ones where I connected with my kids. Those magical times where I have the image of their beaming faces indelibly etched into my mind as they were delighting themselves in whatever was going on around them. Unfortunately, those times were far too few. Interestingly, I have also discovered that I am not alone in my thinking regarding this. In fact, most people I have talked to who have older kids would all agree that they too wished that they would have done more to create those lasting memories.

It was this type of thinking that led us at the Bay Area Vineyard to begin hosting father-daughter dances here in Silver Bay. Over the years, we have worked hard at creating a fun-filled, magical time that neither fathers nor their daughters/granddaughters would ever forget. It's been so fulfilling to watch all these fathers and grandfathers create their own magical moments with their daughters. And it has been especially touching to me to see our own son and sons-in-law coming and having their moment with their daughters.

It's with that in mind that I would like to announce that we will be hosting our next father-daughter ball Saturday, March 30, in Silver Bay.

And, to all those who, like me, feel time has flown by way to fast and wished you had more moments with your own daughters, let me say, it's never too late. Start now! Our father/daughter balls are open to all ages! So all you granddads and great-granddads out there, call up your daughters and invite them to come and share a wonderful memorable evening with you, filled with good food, fun music, chocolate fountains and dancing for all ages.

As we use to say back in our college days, carpe diem - seize the day! Don't let any more moments slip away!

Gerry Cheney is pastor of Bay Area Vineyard and director of our Begin Again Recovery groups.