Question: Who is responsible for making sure the roadway is cleaned up and free from spilled liquids, glass and other car parts from a crash?


Answer: In my experience, I noticed that all responding agencies and tow companies work as a team to treat the injured, direct traffic, investigate the crash and clear the scene as soon as possible for everyone's safety.

I included a general list of the responsibilities at a crash scene.

Law enforcement's general responsibilities:

• Securing the incident scene;

• Assist disabled vehicles;

• Provide medical aid until help arrives;

• Serve as incident commander, along with fire and rescue;

• Direct traffic;

• Conduct crash investigation;

• Supervise scene clearance.

Fire/rescue/EMS' general responsibilities:

• Protect the incident scene;

• Provide medical care;

• Provide initial HAZMAT response and containment;

• Suppress fire;

• Rescue crash victims from vehicles;

• Arrange transportation for the injured;

• Provide advance emergency medical care;

• Determine destination and transportation for the injured;

• Coordinate evacuation with fire, police and ambulance/airlift;

• Remove medical waste from scene;

• Assist in incident clearance.

Towing companies' general responsibilities:

• Removing vehicles from scene;

• Protecting victims' property and vehicles;

• Provide transportation for uninjured vehicle occupants;

• Remove debris from roadway (scene).

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