Question: I know on the handicap placards, it is stated that they must be removed from hanging while driving, but yet, I see many hanging from mirrors every day.

I know you can't hang fuzzy dice or other things from the mirror so I was just wondering about the handicap placards since I see so many people driving with them hanging.

Is there a fine if somebody gets pulled over for not removing them from the mirror or is it just that - a warning?

Answer: Having an object attached to the windshield or hanging from the rearview mirror can obstruct the driver's view and result in a dangerous situation. The driver might not be able to see another vehicle, animal, pedestrian or bicyclist.

Minnesota law prohibits any objects suspended between the driver and the windshield other than sun visors; rearview mirrors; global positioning systems or navigation systems when mounted or located near the bottommost portion of the windshield; and electronic toll collection devices.

This law does not apply to law enforcement vehicles and other authorized emergency vehicles.

If you have a disability parking tag, it needs to be taken down while the vehicle is in motion. Only put up the tag when the vehicle is parked.

Hanging other items such as air fresheners and fuzzy dice from the mirror is against the law. Law enforcement can and will conduct traffic stops when seeing an object that is blocking the driver's view. They will issue a citation or warning.

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