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Ask a Trooper: Are RVs allowed to park in highway ditches, rest areas?

Sgt. Neil Dickenson, Minnesota State Patrol

Question: Can a person park their camper/RV in the ditch of a highway? What about staying in a RV at a Minnesota rest area?

Answer: Leaving or parking a camper or travel trailer in the ditch or on any highway right of way is illegal. A highway right of way typically extends near the top of the outside slope. It would only be allowed where signs designate it as a campsite.

Commercial motor vehicle operators subject to hours of service regulations may stop and park continuously, for a period of up to ten hours as necessary to comply with the hours of service regulations, at any Minnesota Department of Transportation safety rest area or travel information center that has parking stalls designed to accommodate a commercial motor vehicle. All other motorists are permitted to stop at rest areas for up to four hours, where posted.

Rest areas are essential safety features on the highway system that help address driver fatigue, a major cause of serious crashes. Their basic service is crash prevention.

Studies show that a 15- to 20-minute break improves individual performance, even among sleep-deprived people.

Send your questions concerning traffic related laws or issues in Minnesota to or Sgt. Neil Dickenson — Minnesota State Patrol at 1131 Mesaba Ave., Duluth, MN 55811.