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Nolan: Federal grants benefit worthwhile projects

With Minnesota ranking second to last among 50 states in tax dollars returned by the federal government, my staff and I have been on a mission to bring federal grant money back to Minnesota — money to help fund worthwhile projects for roads, bridges, airports, ports, parks, schools, workforce training, housing, health care, university research, law enforcement, clean water systems and public buildings.

And we’ve been successful.

Under our watch, Minnesota’s Eighth District has received at least $687 million in federal grants for projects that create good-paying jobs and make life better for people.

It’s also a little-known fact that much of the state funding that goes into construction and improvement projects originates with the federal government.

As I have often pointed out, Minnesota only gets about 65 cents back on every tax dollar we send to Washington, while some states get $6 and $7 in return. We are working to change that, one project at a time.

As a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I’m particularly pleased to report these new grants to improve some of our local and regional airports:

  • Richard B. Helgeson Airport (Two Harbors), $338,562;
  • Cook Municipal Airport, $243,000;
  • Duluth International Airport, $8.64 million;
  • Ely Municipal Airport, $1.51 million;
  • Eveleth-Virginia Municipal Airport, $1.52 million;
  • Grand Marais/Cook County Airport, $85,500;
  • Grand Rapids Airport-Gordon Newstrom Field, $1.08 million;
  • Tower Municipal Airport, $81,000.

U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan is a congressman for Minnesota’s Eighth District.