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Ask a Trooper: How do I report a family member who drives unsafely?

Question: Would you please let me know the process for reporting a family member who is an unsafe driver when I don’t have a particular incident to report?

Answer: There are several options: 

1. Write and sign a letter to Driver and Vehicle Services outlining specific concerns.

DVS will write the person and ask them to come in for an interview.

Based on the interview, the person can be requested to conduct a written and road test; submit a vision report; and/or submit a doctor’s statement verifying they are physically qualified to drive within 30 days of the interview.

If no concerns arise during the interview — if the driver passes a road quiz and appears to be physically fine — they may not be required to do anything further to continue to drive.

If the person doesn’t submit the requested statements or their vision/physical report is unsatisfactory, their driver’s license can be canceled.

If the person is unable to pass the tests within the required time, their driver’s license is canceled.

2. Law enforcement officers also can send a request for review to DVS if they identify a driver who they believe should either re-test or be checked by a doctor.

3. Talk to a family member's physician to see if the doctor has noticed the same problems. If so, ask the doctor to submit a request for a written/road test to DVS. If the physician believes the person isn’t physically qualified to drive, the doctor can notify the department and DVS can cancel the driver’s privileges.

4. DVS can allow the person to keep driving with increased limitations such as roadway speed, daylight only, certain times of the day or within a set limit of miles from his or her home. They can also require follow-up doctor’s exams.

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A portion of state statutes were used with permission from the Office of the Revisor of Statutes. If you have any questions concerning traffic related laws or issues in Minnesota, send your questions to Sgt. Neil Dickenson, Minnesota State Patrol, 1131 Mesaba Ave., Duluth, MN 55811. You can follow me on Twitter @MSPPIO_NE or reach me at