Hey, guys: I don't know if you looked at the calendar the past couple days, but it's May.

How did that happen?

May is absolutely wild at my house. I mean, my house is "crazy town," as my wife puts it, under normal circumstances. At any one time, my wife has a smorgasbord of activities - from knitting baby blankets to random do-it-yourself projects to baking something tasty for all the hungry reporters at my office - going on simultaneously. We even have a flourescent light running over seedlings for our garden right now.

As for myself, when I'm not making my way up and down Minnesota Highway 61 for sports or headed to a meeting, I'm shoveling snow, working in the yard or catching up on some reading. When we have a little "free time," we also like to brew beer, which can take a considerable amount of time and effort.

But when the calendar flips to May, things jump up a notch around here. My wife is an art teacher and the senior class adviser at her school. So she's getting ready for the senior trip next week, checking on students to make sure they have everything they need to graduate, photographing prom and finishing the school yearbook - and that's just her regular job.

As I write this, my living room is littered with signs she's making for her summer job at a greenhouse in Duluth. She's also planning for Mother's Day - she's helping me get ready, too. She's also been helping her dad as he recovers from knee surgery.

In the newspaper business, the end of school is a pretty big deal, too. We have graduations to cover, art shows and awards banquets to get to if we can.

I feel like our plates are already a little full, but wait, I haven't even gotten to sports. Since we live in northern Minnesota, spring sports schedules are just a mess and you can't count on a game to happen until you are watching kids on a ballfield or track - and it's always cold.

The other day, I was covering Silver Bay down in Wrenshall and I guess, technically, it was still April.

But, Lord have mercy, it was cold. I guess it's just not spring until I'm covering softball and baseball at the same time with a light snow falling.

May is absolute chaos at my house. It's hard and my wife and I don't get to spend a lot of time together.

It's a marathon of mayhem and when it's over, you feel every mile of it. But like finishing a big race or tough project, there's a real sense of satisfaction when we're finally done. We'll sit back, maybe crack open a bottle of home brew and relax - hopefully on our deck in some (hopefully) beautiful June weather.

Oh, and I forgot one thing on my to do list for May. My wife had the gall to be born in May, so I've got to plan a birthday party, too.