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On Faith: What is it that God wants us to do?

The other day as I was delivering meals, I was listening to the old-time music on the radio. A commercial came on the air advertising for a fellow who had an organic food plan/diet. I was not really paying attention until I heard him say: "And so we need to eat the organic foods God wants us to eat."

Now I know some of the dietary requirements listed in the Old Testament. And, yes, as a pastor, I should be aware of what to eat and what to wear as I eat. But I don't recall God ever telling us to eat the organic fruits and vegetables to which that the man from the organic farm in Texas was referring.

Besides, I take the dietary laws of the OT with the proverbial "grain of salt."

After "digesting" what the man on the commercial said, I got to thinking about the gospel that was read in church a couple of weeks ago. The gospel follows the event of Jesus feeding the 5,000 and how the people continued to seek him out. After some conversation, they press Jesus as to what they needed to do: "What must we do to perform the works of God?"

What is it that God wants us to do? I am reminded of what I shared with the people of Our Saviour's that Sunday.

We are called to believe in the one God has sent: Jesus Christ. The one who came and loved and served and fed and healed and died for us all. He always has something to say about your life — every choice you make, every action you do, every word you speak.

What God wants you to do is to believe in the one he has sent. Take that Christ of the cross into your heart again; know his forgiveness; experience the clean slate he has given to you.

To follow the one sent by the Father takes faith, belief.

You perhaps have seen a mother trying to coax her young child to jump off the edge of the pool into her waiting arms. But the child refuses. She is determined to stay on the edge of the pool. The mother could put a harness on her and even pull her into the water. Or she could move to the shallow end of the pool, but what good would it do? You will never learn to swim until you take a chance and get wet.

Yet, many of us frequently order our lives in a similar way. We will not venture forth in faith. We insist on first equipping ourselves with the harness of financial security or we will wade around in ankle-deep water that makes our life boring and sometimes an insult to God's promises. We do not see thither is a loving Father waiting to receive us and shelter us with his loving arms.

What God wants us to do is believe.

Although I don't necessarily believe that he wants us to eat organic fruits and vegetables from the organic farm in Texas.

"On Faith" is a weekly column in the News-Chronicle written by area religious leaders.