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Lake County Past

Lake County Past, from the Lake County News-Chronicle archives
June 10, 1943

Liquor ration started

Many persons in Two Harbors were surprised Tuesday to find that liquor had been added to the items of necessity in daily life to the ration list.

Rationing in Two Harbors is purely a local affair and rather than resent it, the purchasers of should be grateful to those in charge of the municipal liquor store that they have established rationing.

The dwindling stocks of liquor everywhere has placed Two Harbors in a position wherein with about 15 ships entering port every day, with an average of 35 men to a crew, that the sailors were draining off all of the liquor in the store, leaving little for the local consumers.

With the rationing system allowing one quart per person per week, and sailors unable to purchase without a ration card, it is believed possible to dole out the supply of liquor so it will last a while, at least.

June 13, 1968

Girl from Sweden to study here

Marianne Wallin, 17, of Boliden, Vasterbotten, Sweden, will be the American Field Service student at Two Harbors High School for the year 1968-69. Marianne, whose father is employed with a mining company and whose mother is a typing teacher, has an 11-year-old sister.

Marianne will arrive in New York City on Aug. 12 on her way to Two Harbors to become a member of the John (Jack) Kuchta family. Kuchta is a welder for the Bridges and Building department of the railroad company. Mrs. Kuchta (Sylvia) is employed part-time at Montgomery Ward and Co.’s catalog store. The Kuchtas have three children. Mike, attending UMD, is 21. The daughter, Pat, will be a senior in the fall and will be 17 this summer. Tom, 11, will be in the sixth grade.

It is hoped that Marianne will be links in the continuing chain of international friendship and goodwill fostered by the American Field Service program.

Lost youth found near Kane Lake

Sheriff’s office searchers and the youth’s father found Steven Miller, 14, of Two Harbors who was lost for about five hours after dark in the heavily wooded area of Kane Lake early Wednesday.

Lake County officials said the youth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Royal Miller, had crossed the lake to the south shore in a motor boat and had run out of gasoline. He breached the boat there and made his way back to his parents’ cottage on the North Shore.

His gasoline supply was replenished and his father drove him around the lake. Then darkness came and the youth did not return, sheriff’s office officials said. He became lost about 10 p.m. and the sheriff was notified about 1 a.m.

The youth was found about 3:15 a.m. Wednesday. The area is land owned by the Kimberly-Clark Co. and is densely wooded.