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Fundraiser 'burros' in for William Kelley Schools

William Kelley Schools senior Jenny Walewski apologized to a donkey for a foul Monday, Jan. 8, during donkey basketball. (Photo by Lisa Malcomb)1 / 5
William Kelley Schools junior Jessie Ketola reacts to scoring a basket during the donkey basketball fundraiser Monday, Jan. 8, in Silver Bay. (Photo by Lisa Malcomb)2 / 5
Student Council members Coby Olson (left) and Mita Frericks do a little cleanup duty in the William Kelley Schools gym Monday, Jan. 8, during the PTSO's donkey basketball fundraiser. (Photo by Lisa Malcomb)3 / 5
William Kelley Schools senior Zach Blood takes time out of donkey basketball for a photo with his trusty mount. (Photo by Lisa Malcomb)4 / 5
William Kelley Schools student Ryder Ernest takes advantage of the free donkey rides for kids under 12 during the PTSO's donkey basketball fundraiser. (Photo by Lisa Malcomb)5 / 5

The William Kelley Schools gym turned into a veritable barnyard Monday, Jan. 8, when donkey basketball returned to Silver Bay.

Students, teachers and local leaders donned a variety of helmets as they tried to coax their mounts into cooperating during the fundraiser for the WKS Parent Teacher Student Organization.

WKS underclassmen played the senior class and WKS staff played Silver Bay community leaders, with the winners facing off in a championship game.

Dairyland Donkey Ball in Chippewa, Wis., provides donkeys for similar fundraisers throughout the Midwest. The Silver Bay game earned nearly $1,500 for the PTSO.

PTSO President Nikki Meeks said they money will be used to support the WKS robotics team, After-Prom and school clubs.