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THHS considers turf for football field

There are many items on the checklist for the Two Harbors High School long-range facilities plan, but the biggest project discussed Monday was Stadium Field.

The committee of six discussed installing artificial turf at the THHS football field. Athletic Director Scott Ross said he was approached by City of Two Harbors officials about the possibility of helping the school make the switch. In return, the school district would give the Old Halsted Field back to the city. Ross said it would cost an estimated $800,000 just for the turf.

The field at the school is mostly used for varsity sports, but not practices. If artificial turf was installed, then the field could have more use and there wouldn't be as much upkeep as grass. If the high school field could be used more, then the school would most likely not have a need for the Old Halsted Field.

The school district leases the field for a miniscule fee each year. Lake Superior School District Superintendent Bill Crandall said the city could buy the school district out on its lease as a way to help fund the project, though it wouldn't come even close to the $800,000 needed. Ross said the school may be able to get a grant to help with the project.

The track around the field was slated to be replaced this summer, but if the school moves forward with getting turf installed, then the track would wait and both would be done at the same time.