A public input session Monday, Jan. 7, at the Two Harbors Community Center gathered insight for a future redesign of the city's Seventh Avenue corridor.

The city collaborated with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission and Aune-Fernandez Landscape Architects to present the public with an in-progress design of what Minnesota Highway 61 through Two Harbors could look like in the future.

MnDOT is scheduling a construction project for the coordinator in the 2024-25 timeframe and has been hosting sessions as a way to gauge what community members what to see changed, or kept the same, with the redesign.

During the last transportation planning session in August, residents were asked to provide what they saw as the top issues in the corridor and some ideas for improvement. The top issues included traffic congestion, unsafe pedestrian conditions, poor wayfinding, limited parking and a lack of beauty along Highway 61.

The landscape architect team took the biggest issues and came up with several ideas for improvement, including dedicated turn lanes, adding more dedicated pedestrian traffic areas, adding signs to improve wayfinding, building more off street parking lots along the route, and beautifying the area by incorporating more trees and streetscape amenities.

The meeting presentation includes sketches of what these amenities and ideas could look like when applied to the existing corridor. Residents had an opportunity to give feedback on these designs.

The full presentation presented at this plan draft development and review meeting can be found at ardc.org/twoharborstransportationplan.