Two Harbors' 2019 street and alley improvement project is set to begin within the next week. City engineer Joe Rhein, of Bolton and Menk, presented neighborhoods impacted by the construction with information on the construction process Monday, June 10.

The contractor on the project is Utility Systems of America, based in Eveleth. Construction is expected to begin within the next week.

Working hours on the project will be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Saturdays may be worked occasionally, but there will be no work on Sundays or holidays unless there's an emergency.

More information can be found on the city's website at

The segments included in this $861,000 project include:

  • Eighth Avenue, from Ninth Street to its west end;
  • Ninth Avenue, from 15th Street to its east end;
  • Alley north of Second Avenue, Second to Fourth streets;
  • Alley north of Seventh Avenue, Eighth to Ninth streets;
  • Alley north of Eighth Avenue, Eighth to Ninth streets.

Eighth Avenue

The block on Eighth Avenue will be the first segment as it has the most work to be done. The work will include a total reconstruction of the street, starting with the underground sanitary sewer and water line work.

Rhein noted that water and sewer service interruptions will have to be scheduled during this work, but affected properties will receive written notice at least 48 hours in advance and should not exceed four hours in duration.

The concrete curbs and gutters will be replaced along the Eighth Avenue block, along with the sidewalks, new drain tiles put in place and the gravel and structural pavement will be replaced. Work is estimated to take about four to five weeks.

Seventh, Eighth avenue alleys

Next, construction is expected to move to the alleys north of Seventh and Eighth avenues throughout July and August. All of the alleys included in the project will include new concrete aprons on both ends and will be 16 feet wide.

The driveways impacted by the work will be repaired and the material used to make the repairs will match the existing material. The alleys north of Seventh and Eighth Avenues will include new drainage tiles, while the alleys north of Second Avenue will receive a new storm sewer. Each block is estimated to take about three weeks to complete.

Ninth Avenue

After work wraps up on the alleys north of Second Avenue, the project will move to the repaving of Ninth Avenue in September. All projects should be complete by the end of September.