While construction is still underway on the 2019 street projects, the Two Harbors City Council approved moving forward with the feasibility report for the 2020 Street and Alley Improvement project Monday, Sept. 9.

The council held a special meeting the previous week to receive the results of the pavement management plan report ordered last October and use that to help determine which areas to include in the new project.

The plan required a thorough examination, rating and ranking of every block of pavement in the city. Blocks were rated between 1-10 based on the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) system. The PASER guide takes into consideration four major categories of pavement surface distress: defects, deformations, cracks and patches and potholes.

Blocks that receive a 9-10 rating are considered in excellent condition with no maintenance needed. Blocks that receive a 1-2 rating are in poor condition and a full street reconstruction is recommended to solve larger issues such as drainage.

The streets and alleys proposed for the 2020 project include:

Segments recommended for a full-depth pavement, partial sidewalk, and pedestrian ramps

  • 15th Avenue, from Eighth to Seventh streets

  • 14th Avenue, from Eighth to Sixth streets

  • Alley north of 13th Avenue, from Eighth to Sixth streets

Segments recommended for a full reconstruction

  • The alley north of 14th Avenue from Eighth to Seventh streets

  • Sixth Street, from 13th to14th avenues

Segments recommended for a mill and overlay

  • Seventh Street, from 14th and 15th avenues

Based on planning level estimates from the pavement management plan, the anticipated cost for the 2020 project is $1.55 million, but Bolton and Menk city engineer Joe Rhein explained this includes a 35% allowance for project development.

The councilors present at the meeting voted unanimously for the project to move forward. Mayor Chris Swanson and councilors Cathy Erickson and Craig Jussila were absent. Rhein estimates the council will receive the report in November, at which point the council is required to hold a public meeting before ordering the project.

Update on 2019 and 2018 projects

Rhein also provided the council with updates on the 2019 street project progress. Rhein reported that the project is on pace to complete by the scheduled date of Sept. 27, barring weather issues. The last segments are set to be blacktopped in the next week.

The 2018 Street and Alley project is still not technically complete as the construction company, KTM Paving, Inc. of Hermantown, is set to return soon to follow up on a punch list of 96 items.

“The reason the list is so long is because we had to identify every individual location where the restoration was not acceptable,” Rhein said. “We’d given them a general statement saying it was unacceptable, and they requested a specific list, so we gave them a list.”

Boulevard grading and work on drainage on 13th Avenue are two of the major items on the list.