The Lake County Historical Society (LCHS) visited the Lake County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, Aug. 13, to request aid for the urgent replacement of the Two Harbors Depot boiler.

Ellen Lynch, executive director of the LCHS, reported to the board that after over 30 years of service, the depot's rusty boiler gave out this summer.

"Our current boiler was installed in 1982, and unfortunately, it is so rusted and doesn’t work anymore. The boiler needs to be replaced this year," Lynch said.

The anticipated cost is $39,900 to replace the boiler. Lynch asked the commissioners for one-third of the cost, approximately $13,300, to aid in the replacement. Lynch said the Historical Society could provide another one-third of the cost and would seek donations and raise funds to cover the last one-third.

Commissioners raised concerns that a new boiler could be installed before snow arrives this fall. Lynch said the company the Historical Society has contracted with said the quick installation should be possible.

"Many years ago, the Historical Society was good enough to take the building off of our hands and they’ve maintained it beautifully," Commissioner Rich Sve said. "I think that $13,300 isn’t very much to ask in return for that. It’s an important historical building with many important historical artifacts and it’s a landing point for tourism."

Commissioners voted 5-0 to approve the funding.