The Silver Bay City Council heard a complaint about the new adventure park on the outer edge of town during a regular meeting Monday, Aug. 5.

Pat Heinzen, a resident of Aiken Circle, located directly behind the North Shore Adventure Park, brought up concerns about the parks "banging music" and "revving four-wheelers" during the public comments section of the meeting.

"I can hear it over my TV. I don’t think I should have to listen to that after 57 years. Something has to be done," Heinzen said.

Heinzein's main concerns were over loud music sometimes continuing past 9-10 p.m. and the sounds of four-wheelers bringing park attendees from place to place. The lack of trees has also led to more highway traffic noise.

Zoning Administrator Gary Thompson was on hand at the meeting to address some of Heinzen's concerns.

"I’d like to give you my phone number, give me a call and I’ll come down some night when it’s loud and bothersome so that I’ve got an idea of what you’re hearing," Thompson said. "They have a permit to be there and it's all use that's allowed, but they also can't disturb the neighborhood obnoxiously."

Adventure Park manager Natalie Rich was also present to answer questions about the music.

"We should only have music playing during Saturday's climbing times, so I will address that with my staff," Rich said. "It's coming from a boombox and I've already talked with them about facing it away from the houses and toward the highway to minimize the sound for those living nearby."

Rich said the park owner, Phil Huston, was also open to building a fence or planting cedar trees to help minimize the highway noise and lights.

Mayor Scott Johnson said he was pleased with how the problem was addressed in the meeting.

"I think it’s more like growing pains than a problem that will continue," Johnson said.