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Lake County commissioners give themselves a raise

The Lake County Board of Commissioners has voted increase its pay in 2018 for the first time since 2014.

During its last meeting of the year Tuesday in Two Harbors, the board approved a base salary of $22,851 for board members — an increase of $1,031 over 2017. The board chairman will receive an additional $1,500 each year — the same amount as the past three years.

County Administrator Matt Huddleston said the wage increase, about 4.7 percent, was in line with what was given to Lake County employees this year. The council discussed increasing its wage at an earlier meeting in December and hoped to bring it more in line with what other county commissioners in northeastern Minnesota earn.

The board also approved a wage increases for other elected officials in the county, including a 3.6 percent increase for the county auditor and a nearly 2 percent increase for the Lake County sheriff.