Lake County Veterans Service Officer N.V. "Vince" Sando visited the County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, June 25, to present the 2018 annual Veterans Service Office report.

The Lake County VSO provides assistance and technical support to veterans and their dependents with a wide range of benefits and services. This includes assisting with claims, benefit counseling and advocacy.

Here's what the year looks like by the numbers:

  • Approximately 1,019 veterans live in Lake County, which accounts for about 10% of the population
  • An average of 7 veterans visit the VSO daily.

  • Sando receives an average of 10 calls a day, although he recorded a high of 23 calls one day in 2018.
  • Lake County veterans made 446 medical visits in 2018, up 6%.
  • The average monthly mileage from the VSO is 5,300 miles. Most miles are veteran transportation to medical appointments.
  • The amount of medical benefits received by Lake County vets adds up to approximately $8 million.

  • The VSO office budget is $81,000. Most funds go to vehicle maintenance.

Sando had two main asks for the board. First, to consider approving the acquisition of a new vehicle for the department. The average age of vehicles in the office's fleet is 10 years old with 100,000 miles.

The second request was for a part time administration assisted to help keep on top of the paperwork.

To contact the Veterans Service Office, visit the Lake County Service Center, 616 Third Ave., Two Harbors, or call 218-834-8326.