Silver Bay is taking another step to become a green city. The city will be working with an intern from the University of Minnesota Duluth to move up a level in the GreenStep Cities program.

Minnesota GreenStep Cities is a challenge, assistance and recognition program. As one of over 100 participating cities, Silver Bay is helping to lead the way in sustainability across Minnesota.

GreenStep Cities is a voluntary challenge, assistance and recognition program to help cities achieve their sustainability and quality of life goals. It is based on 29 best practices that are tailored to Minnesota cities. As the best practices are implemented, the cities achieve a level status from 1-5.

Silver Bay is currently a Level 2 city, with the last recorded level achievement on the GreenStep website as of June 2014.

"We've been kind of neglecting it for a while, so the intern will help us get up and current and become a Level 3 city," City Administrator Lana Fralich said.

There is no cost to the city to work with the intern and Fralich said the work could help the city receive more recognition as environmental stewards, which could help when applying for grants.

"It's a good program, just focusing on developing a healthier environment and more resilient communities," Fralich said. "And a lot of the things involved are things we're doing anyway, like keeping track of electricity use. It's just a matter of gathering info and inputting it into the website."

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