Students at William Kelley Schools in Silver Bay should plan to get back to the books come the end of holiday vacation Jan. 2. They received an extended break last week due to a water pipe collapse, but the repairs should be complete before the end of vacation.

The water pipe off of the main water line located under Banks Avenue at the front of the school collapsed earlier in December, causing students to be dismissed early Dec. 12. The section that failed is encased in concrete closer to the road, but on the school's side of the watermain.

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Superintendent Bill Crandall said the pipe is being replaced by Northland Construction and Jamar. Northland is completing outside excavation and placement of the new pipe, while Jamar will work on valve replacement and inside meter work.

"We are going to do a full replacement of the pipe and just leave the old pipe filling in what can be done," Crandall said in an email. "The old pipe was 13 feet underground and the new pipe will be placed 9 feet underground. Part of the process is replacement of the meter and some valves on the connection inside the school. The process involves, of course, all the digging up and pacing of the pipe."

Crandall said the bitterly cold weather at the onset of last week, Dec. 16-20, made working on water pipes more difficult.

"They used thermal blankets to assist in insulating the ground during the excavation," Crandall said. "They put the piping together first inside the school in our hallway due to the cold temperatures outside."

A cost estimate for the repairs wasn't available at press time.

Crandall said students will need to make up at least one day.

"We are looking at having school for Silver Bay on Jan. 17 to make up the one day we need to make up," he said. "If there are any more snow days during this school year, then those will also need to be made up. We have a number of Fridays available to make up any additional days."

Activities planned for the missed week, such as the Winter Wonderband concert, will also be rescheduled.