William Kelley Schools students might find inspiration in an unusual place - the restroom.

Five vinyl decals with inspirational messages have been placed in four different restrooms throughout the building. The project started when staff member Sara Betzler was scrolling through Facebook.

"I noticed a post about other schools painting or putting up decals with inspirational quotes, and thought how neat it would be to spice up our restrooms and at the same time inspire students to stand out and be respectful," Betzler said. "I believe I shared the post and Jill Hansen saw it. One day while she was subbing, we brought this project up in a conversation and she stated that the arts board would be interested in helping with such a neat project."

The Northern Lake County Arts Board donated $100 toward the purchase of five vinyl decals with messages such as "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" "One kind word can change someone's entire day" and Betzler's personal favorite, "Be the rainbow in someone else's cloud."

"I just thought it was such a great idea," NLCAB Vice President Jill Hansen said. "We knew that Sara would do a great job with it, too, since she's always doing something positive."

If the decals prove to be long lasting, Betzler hopes to purchase some more in the future. If not, Betzler is willing to volunteer her time to paint quotes in the bathrooms over the summer. She's already known for painting one mural in the school's special education room.

For Betzler, this project is all about providing a positive message to the students.

"I believe kids these days need all the positive inspiration they can receive, as far as, standing out, being a individual and being respectful and polite to others no matter the situation," Betzler said. "If I can remind them of how wonderful they truly are and help them to achieve their best possible self, that is my goal, and at the same time, making the restrooms a more bright space."