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Two Harbors DECA challenge urges students to 'Find the Kind'

Two Harbors High School student and DECA member Tori Bott talks about the "Find the Kind" challenge while Brjen Jones stands beside her wearing the long-sleeved T-shirt with the challenge's logo and signature yellow glasses. (Teri Cadeau/News-Chronicle)1 / 3
Two Harbors High School sudents, some clad with yellow plastic glasses, were challenged to "Find the Kind" and find ways to complete random acts of kindness for their community. (Teri Cadeau/News-Chronicle)2 / 3
Two Harbors DECA members pose with the social media campaign's banner after the kick-off event Wednesday, Jan. 2. (Teri Cadeau/News-Chronicle)3 / 3

The approximately 600 students at Two Harbors High School came back from holiday break to a challenge: to "Find the Kind."

The Two Harbors High School DECA chapter kicked off a social media based random acts of kindness campaign Wednesday, Jan. 2, with a large rally in the auditorium at the end of the school day.

DECA member Sarah Archer asked students to close their eyes and think about a time someone did something kind for them.

"Maybe you were going through a rough time. Maybe a family member said something that you needed to hear at the right time. Or, maybe a complete stranger gave you a compliment. How did that make you feel?" Archer said. "Now, think about a time where you did something kind for someone else. Maybe you held open the door for someone. Maybe you offered a hug. Or, maybe you just smiled at someone in passing. How did that make you feel?"

In an effort to improve mental health among students and the larger community, the DECA club has introduced the "Find the Kind" social media challenge.

Here's how the challenge works: Start by doing a random act of kindness for someone — a friend, family member or random stranger. Once done with the act, grab a pair of glasses and make a video describing how the act made you feel and challenge three people to take on the challenge.

Then post the video to social media and tag those you challenged.

The final step of the challenge is to make a donation to the National Civility Association for the purpose of organizing civility summits at high schools throughout the United States. Donate or find out more about the challenge at

Students were then given white plastic glasses to wear when making their own videos that have the hashtag #FindTheKind on bows.

In order to see the challenge spread, organizers encouraged students to tag celebrities in their posts and challenge them or challenge people from neighboring schools that participated in last year's civility summit.

Principal Jay Belcastro offered encouragement to the students at the close of the rally.

"Folks, we can make a difference," Belcastro said. "This world is tough, but what can we do to find the kind? I'm so proud of you guys and the work you've put into this project and I'm proud of you all for supporting this. Let's show the world that Two Harbors High School can find the kind."

Teri Cadeau

Teri Cadeau is a reporter for the Lake County News-Chronicle. 

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