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School hockey fees to return to $175

A month after voting to keep athletic fees the same as what was published in the August issue of the Good News newsletter, the Lake Superior School District School Board took up the issue of athletic fees once again — this time voting to revert hockey fees back to the standard athletic fee of $175.

The board had promised to look further at athletic fees last month when they voted to keep the increase of $100 for hockey only. This time, the board was split 4-3 in the decision to revert the fee back from $275 to $175, with board members Cyndi Ryder, Tom Burns and Al Ringer casting the dissenting votes.

"That does not happen often," remarked Ryder, after the votes were cast. "We're not usually a split board."

Activity fees have been up for discussion at several meetings since the spring, when the board voted to increase hockey fees by $100, setting the sport apart from other athletic fees. The decision was made because the board was concerned that transportation costs drive up hockey costs to the district.

However, at this meeting, Superintendent William Crandall recommended shifting the fees back from $275, while continuing to investigate activity fee rates and possible price shifts.

Board member Al Ringer asked if anyone had received feedback from parents about the decision.

"I received two letters from parents today about the issue," Crandall said.

"OK, because as of last month, we'd only heard from the coaches so far," Ringer said. "And usually when we have these hot button issues, we have tons of emails. I haven't seen anything, so I was wondering."

Board members in favor of reverting the increase noted the cost of equipment.

"I get it both ways. I mean, we need more money, but the cost of a good hockey stick is $150," board member Mark LeBlanc. "So they can play hockey for the price of two sticks. It's an expensive sport already due to the equipment."

Teri Cadeau

Teri Cadeau is a reporter for the Lake County News-Chronicle. 

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