Girl Scout Troop 4253 visited the Lake Superior School District School Board meeting Oct. 9 to propose replacing the stall doors and walls in all student restrooms at Minnehaha Elementary School.

Each of the six girls in the troop read off a section of the statement, requesting this replacement to give students more privacy and to stop them from getting bullied while trying to use the bathroom.

"The problems with our current stalls are the doors we have now leave a large gap between the door and the wall. People look through this gap when others are trying to use the bathroom," the statement read. "The high gap under the stalls let people crawl under the doors and sometimes they crawl under it while people are trying to use the bathroom. Other times, they lock the stall doors from the inside and crawl out so that nobody else can use the stall. The short height of the stall, means that students can see over them by standing on the handicap rails and sometimes they will drop or throw things over the the stalls."

School Board member Al Ringer shared his support for the project and attested to the locked doors problem.

"I've worked at Minnehaha numerous times and had to crawl under the bathroom stalls to unlock doors," Ringer said.

The troop proposed purchasing 16 plastic laminate, zero-sightline doors to provide more privacy. The troop gathered information from a manufacturer called Ironwood Manufacturing who could provide the doors for a total of $32,000.

"This is just one option. There are many choices who provide a wide range of prices. We would like to work with you to see which company would give our schools the best results for the best prices," the troop statement read.

The troop plans to move forward with fundraising efforts to pay for the replacement, as well as reaching out to local businesses for donations and asked the school district for assistance in the funding of "this very important project."

"We believe that new bathroom stalls will benefit the whole school by improving both privacy and safety. We would love if you would help us reach our goal because no one should be uncomfortable when going to the bathroom," the statement ended.

The girls received a round of applause from the board and meeting attendees.

Superintendent William Crandall said he would look at the long-term facilities plan to see where the replacement would fall in the current schedule and advised the troop to stay in contact with Minnehaha Principal Brett Archer while fundraising.