Physics students take voyage on Lake Superior


Two Harbors physics students tested their ingenuity and creativity against the chilly fall waters of Lake Superior in the annual physics boat regatta Oct. 13 in Burlington Bay.

Nineteen students paddled 10 cardboard boats out into Lake Superior and teacher Penny Juenemann timed how quickly each boat made its way down the shore with David Anderson and Wyatt Haugen's "Skol" taking the top spot in the 150 yard race.

The boats, all made from cardboard and differing types of adhesives, are a demonstration of Archimedes' Principle, which deals with buoyancy the forces that act on a boat. Each year on the first day of school, students are assigned the project and use Archimedes' Principle to construct and calculate the waterline on their boats, which they paint along the hulls.

To add a little fun and creativity to the project, students are asked to create a theme and name their vessels and dress appropriately to the theme for their voyage.

Katie Archer and Madeline Homstad's boat, "The Butt," was the second fastest boat and was named "best looking boat."

Jayden Ruberg and Steven Keech's Star Wars-themed "Rogue II" was voted "best theme" by the class.