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WKS physics student put to the test

Dustin Baker (left) and Andrew Evenson paddle their boat around the Silver Bay Marina during the William Kelley Schools physics boat races. (Photo by Ian Wallin)1 / 3
(Clockwise from left) Sylvia Davey, Zach Lewis, Brooke McMillen and physics teacher Ed Walker launch the "Comet" into the Silver Bay Marina. (Photo by Ian Wallin)2 / 3
Silver Bay seniors Nick Perfetto and Ian Wallin try to paddle their cardboard boat back to the dock before it sinks. (Photo courtesy of Ian Wallin) 3 / 3

William Kelley Schools physics students braved the chilly waters of Lake Superior on May 5 to test out their boats made of cardboard, paint and glue at the Silver Bay Marina.

As part of their physics class, students worked together in groups to create their boats and paddle them around the marina. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate Archimedes's principle that calculates water displacement based on the weight of the participants and the boat. The students then use their calculations to predict where the waterline on the boat should be.