Public Works Director Blake Prince visited the Two Harbors City Council on Monday, April 8, to address the work order system.

Prince explained that the city created a work order system in 2018 to help streamline responses to requests from residents. A work order can be started by contacting City Hall at 218-834-5631 or

Once the work order is created, it is passed on to the appropriate department to schedule a follow-up and complete the task. Work orders can be generated for a variety of issues including sidewalk repair, park maintenance and repair, street light outages, power pole damage, alley or street maintenance, etc. Depending on the workload and the size and priority of the task,the issue will be addressed as soon as possible.

"It's been a great system so far," Prince said. "We can see everything that's still active on the list and prioritize the job tickets."

Prince also shared concerns with the council about making promises about work orders.

"Please direct people to the work order system, but don't make promises without knowing what's already on our plates," Prince said. "We've got a lot to cover this season already and I don't want to set ourselves up for failure."

Prince also requested that those taking submitting work orders include as much information about the problem as well as their names and contact numbers.

"It's much more helpful if I can get a phone number for a person and can call and set up a time to meet them and see the exact problem," Prince said. "Then we can see if it's a quick fix or if it's not feasible for us to fix the problem much quicker than if we're guessing."