The Two Harbors Public Library developed a new "art exhibit" it refers to as "Spring Rain" in its entrance area last week.

Near the area where local artwork is typically displayed, tarps, buckets and caution signs were placed instead due to a roof leak.

"Believe it or not, the official diagnosis is that a couple of icicles fell from the Carnegie portion of the library's roof onto the addition portion of the library's roof with enough force to put actual holes through the rubber seal connecting the two," a library post on Facebook said.

Nevertheless, the library had a fairly upbeat attitude toward the unfortunate development and encouraged residents to engage in the new "art display" by listening to the sounds of the drips, to feel the cold water with their hands, and watch for the slippery floor caution signs.

"For now, we are sporting this new interior design until we can get a few professionals to patch our roof," the library said in the post. "Therefore, enjoy it while it lasts! It is really at its best in heavy rains and at warmer times of the day."