The Silver Bay City Council has approved the plans and specifications and put out the call for bids for four projects. Three of the projects focus on improvements to city buildings and one adjusts two branches of the main water line for better efficiency and redundancy.

Roof improvements

The roofs of City Hall, the public works shop and Silver Bay municipal liquor store are due for improvements, along with a few other changes. Joe Rhein of the city-contracted engineering company Bolton and Menk explained the scope of the projects, starting with the simplest project, during the council meeting Monday, March 4.

"The liquor store is the most straightforward, as it's a simple re-roofing," Rhein said. "The older, flat, ballasted roof would be stripped off and removed."

Rhein said the rubber membrane roofing would make it easier to spot leaks in the future. The current estimate for this project is about $87,000.

The public works shop also currently uses the ballasted roof system. The plans call for this roofing to be replaced with the adhered rubber membrane system, along with a better build-up over the main garage to provide a better slope to the roof.

The public works shop also has further work that needs to be completed. The foundation under the east wall has started to settle and pull the wall away from the ceiling. Work to repair the wall includes the installation of micropiles and steel plating under the section of foundation to correct the settling and reconnect the ceiling. With the roof and wall work combined, this project is estimated to cost $309,000.

The third city building project focuses on City Hall. Once again, the flat roofing system needs to be replaced, this time with a standing-seam metal sloped roof. While investigating this project, Rhein said other changes need to be made. The mechanical heating, ventilation and air conditioning system needs to be replaced along with ceiling tiles on the main level and the removal of an interior wall in the main level office area.

Altogether, these improvements to City Hall add up to an estimated $400,000.

These three projects were approved by the council, and will move forward to the bidding process. The current total cost of all three projects is $797,000.

Adding loop to water main

The last project before the council Monday night was the proposed water main looping project. This project will tie together two isolated segments of the water main together. There's an isolated segment that serves Arthur Circle and an isolated segment that serves the business park off of Mensing Drive.

"This would tie those two together, hence the loop, those systems so that there's redundancy and better flow characteristics, which is going to become increasingly important as development in the business park continues to grow over the years," Rhein said.

Most of the construction on this project would be installed via directional drilling. This means it would have little construction impact outside of the starting area at the end of Arthur Circle, an area near the Minnesota Department of Transportation driveway at the end of the loop and a corner where the water main has to change directions.

The project, estimated to cost $245,000, was unanimously approved.

"Now, if the bids just come in that good, we'll be in good shape," Rhein said.