The Lake Superior School District School Board has designated two possible snow-day makeup days in April and May.

If needed, April 12 and May 10 will be the designated snow day makeup days; March 15 was already designated as a potential makeup day on the school calendar.

The school district has had three snow days this year, all in late January, due to cold weather conditions or snow. The district plans for two snow days; therefore, the first two days did not need to be made up, but the third day triggered a makeup day Friday, Feb. 8.

"And all of a sudden, we had 27 of our staff missing," Superintendent Bill Crandall said at their regular meeting at Two Harbors High School on Tuesday, Feb. 12. "Not just teachers, but 27 staff out that day. A quarter of our staff were gone on this makeup day. And the folks who stayed, they did an outstanding job covering for each other in all three of our buildings. They were working in pairs; our teachers were doubling classes up."

Crandall said all of the missing staff went "through the appropriate channels." The majority of the absent staff cited medical appointments as the reason for missing and called the incident a "fluke."

"Nobody was like, 'Oh jeez I'm just going to take the day off.' They had set these medical appointments up for a usual day off," Crandall said. "But I know the principals are going to have discussions with the staff just to say, 'Hey, we set these days and identify these days specifically to be our makeup days. Maybe last year we didn't have any makeup days, but this year we do.' You just have to be cognizant of the the fact that we do identify these days on our calendar and just avoid making medical appointments. Use the other Fridays in the month."

School board member Cyndi Ryder recommended thinking of the day as "an on-call school day."

"I think we haven't used snow days at great frequency for a long time," Ryder said. "Everyone just got used to thinking every Friday is an off day. So we just need to be reminded that these specific days are designated makeup days."