Fifteen people were cited for underage drinking last weekend after a fraternity party at Superior Shores resort in Two Harbors got out of hand and the Lake County Sheriff's Office was dispatched.

Deputies were called to the resort Saturday, April 7, at about 11 a.m. after complaints about a loud party that had continued all night and into the late morning. According to the sheriff's office report, members of a fraternity from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities were at the resort for an event Saturday evening.

The report said there were as many as 135 people at the party. When deputies arrived, some people jumped off a second-story balcony in an attempt to evade law enforcement. Once the deputies rounded up all of the attendees and issued the 15 citations, they discovered there was another room attached. When deputies entered the second room, four people were found, all over 21 years old, packing up and trying to arrange sober rides for the other partygoers.

The fraternity's event was canceled and deposits were forfeited because of extensive damage to the rooms.